HEY! and welcome to my blog. I'm Anna from Hull. I started writing my blog in 2011 and just fell in love with blogging. I like to think of this as my little space on the internet where I can write about the things I love. This includes, travelling, life and all things food. I like to throw in a few beauty tips for good measure. I often collaborate with brands and write product, services and experiences. I write reviews, tips and sometimes just personal things that are asked or requested.

Want to see your brand on my blog?
You can email me at annaluefook@hotmail.co.uk i'd love to hear from you.

Do you work with brands?
Yes I am PR friendly.

What brands have you collaborated with in the past?
TK Maxx, Luxemme, Blanx, Hugh Rice the Jewellers, Obsessive Manchester, Shoebou and Sprinkle Some Twinkle. 

How can I contact you?
Email me annaluefook@hotmail.co.uk
Or tweet me @annaluefook

What camera do you use?
For the majority of my pictures I use my iPhone 6, or GoPro Hero 4 Session. My high quality images are usually taken on my Canon 550d.

When did you start your blog?
In November 2011.

What are you doing now?
I've just graduated with a 2:1 in business and management YAY!

Can I advertise on your blog?
Yes you can, I offer advertising spots in the right hand bar, send me an email to discuss this in more detail. annaluefook@hotmail.co.uk

What are your social media channels?

Twitter: @annaluefook
Instagram: @annaluefook
Bloglovin: annaluefook

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