Monday, 25 January 2016


pic taken on my GoPro Hero 4 Session on the Yorkshire Dales, my fav thinking spot.

I've recently spent a lot of time reflecting on my current position, both mentally, physically, my degree, my job and also my plans for the very near future. It sounds cliche but getting a degree in Business was all I wanted, it was everything I strived for. However, is that really the life I want to lead, the standard grad job come mortgage way of life. I've become a bit of a play it safe girl of kind. Quite predictable in my choices. Its not something i'm proud of and something i'm dying to change. So thats exactly what I plan to do. Scrap the grad job plan. Scrap the 'what Anna should do' and replace it with 'what Anna is doing'. From May, it will be the first time in my life that i'm not bound to be back in Hull for some educational responsibility. and honestly, that kind of excites me. I've actually decided what i'm going to do from May, but like anything on my blog i'm not going to give it all away just yet. So I guess you'll just have to stay tuned.


Sunday, 24 January 2016

New Logo by Sona

Notice anything different? I've had a new logo designed for my blog by a local Hull designer; Jack at Sona. My design was completed in a matter of days, something i'm super impressed with. I gave a brief description and let Jack work his designer magic. He came back with four designs all of which were perfect, I found it hard to choose the one I wanted. Not only does Sona offer design work but also takes the most amazing photographs from various locations around the world. The entire thing ends up being an instagram dream. I would highly recommend Sona to anyone, and particularly my blogger friends. Take a look at Sona on instagram or their website.


Monday, 11 January 2016

Lemon Loving

When i'm feeling a little bit below par I look to restore my vitamins. Virtue drinks are low in calories and are naturally sweetened. The lemon ice tea is my favourite drink at the moment, i'm definitely a cold drink kind of person. I like to try and avoid fizzy high calorie drinks so Virtue really has me covered. Its light and refreshing just as ice tea should be. I love it from the can on the go, but at home at like to poor it over an glass full of idea and add some lemon slices, great for a little detox. Virtue drinks include vitamins and minerals which also help to build your immune system. 

Virtue drinks are stocked at WH Smiths, thats where I grab mine.
I'm yet to try the strawberry and peach one though.

See the Virtue page here:


Wren Kitchens Event

OK so i've finally stopped crying under a pile of uni books. 3 days left and my work is done for the time being, wahoooooo. A few months ago I went to an event at Wren Kitchens in Barton, a live cooking event with Linda Barker. After much deliberation, ive decided that this event was by far my favourite of 2015 overall. Yey for Wren! The whole event was even filmed, so keep scrolling!

The spoon that Wren had made for me by Bespoke and Oak, WOW. I love it.
Even used it yesterday to bake muffins with.

The one the only Linda Barker, how does anyone look so glamorous whist baking? 
We'll never know. 

The Wren HQ mat, is it weird that I love this? I was totally amazed by Wren HQ.

MORE amazingness, the apron Wren had made for me, we all got one, personalised.

THESE TWO <3 Jordan & Maisie, some of my blogger pals.

Honestly, can you see what I mean? Looking perfect and so natural. 

Some of the food cooked by Linda, it was LUSH. I love the marble cake. 

Gal. Can. Cook.

THEE marble cake, tastes as good as it looks. 

Mince pies, I even took some home for my parents, they loved them. 

We then looked around the kitchens and I got some major kitchen envy and ideas.

The cutest cutlery i've ever seen. Love the colour.
Must ask Linda where they are from again!

I've selected this event as my favourite from 2015 for a number of reasons. The chance to meet Linda. The moment Linda said she's read my blog (and I almost cried, fan girl problems). The effort the team put into the customisation of the packs for us all. Generally the event could not have been any better. And to top it off theres a promotional video from the event which I will tag below. Thank you so much to Victoria at branded3 for inviting me to the event. We had such a great evening and I would love to work with Wren again in the future. 

To see exactly what we did at the event, watch this, I can't believe how much i'm featured in it!
Thank you so much to everyone at Wren.