Saturday, 12 December 2015

Sleepers Newland Avenue

There's nothing I love more than food. Genuinely. And in particular cheese. I needed to share with you my light sharing lunch I had with my mum. Sleepers, both in Hull and Beverley have become my favourite places to eat. They offer everything from Nachos with chilli beef to Grilled Halloumi, pictures above. I like to eat a light lunch, possibly accompanied by a small (I mean large) glass of wine. What better place to visit than Sleepers, Newland Avenue. Over the past few years Newland Avenue has become a hive for students, food and night life. They do all areas very well, more specifically, food they excel in. From Jamaican Patties at Roots to Fine dining at Henry Yeast, Newland Avenue has you covered. But from me, the favourite, has to be 100% Sleepers.

Here we have Grilled Halloumi & Feta, Olives & Pita.


Coffee Confessions

Huge confession to make. I've not a fan of hot drinks. Ok. There. I said it. Even though i'm an office kinda girl, the whole 'fancy a brew?' thing just isn't me. I never wanted to make coffee or tea a part of my routine. One its calories I don't need. And Two I whiten my teeth, what a waste of time and effort it would be if I then drank tea and coffee all day long at work. But something has recently changed. Since the Hull Bloggers event in September Vita Coco has become this weekly treat for me. And honestly, I love it. Admittedly its the Mocha, but the difference with this is the Coconut Water within the Mocha. It makes the whole drink taste completely different. Its light and yet creamy. Its refreshing and not lingering. Vita Coco, you've changed my habit and i'm hooked. Well done.

Available at Superdrug or


Thursday, 10 December 2015

Lypsyl Essentials Review

Matt Lip Lover? I have the perfect thing for you. If like me you're loving all the new matt lip colours that are so on trend, you may have noticed just how drying they can be on your lips. I've been looking for a solution to this problem for a while. I needed something hydrating but quick, easy and effective. I love the matt finish lips at the moment, but the after effects are purely dry, unmissable lips, ew! Ladies, we need to be able to pull off that look without the painful aftermath! Lypsyl is the answer to all our wishes!!

Here are the three Lypsyl's that I was sent to review on my blog.

The range:
Blue, Original. My Fav Smell.
Light Pink, Strawberry. My Fav design.
Dark Pink, Cherry. My Fav Colour.

I've even seen this meme floating around the internet, so its definitely a common problem!


So when Lypsyl sent me these three products I was honestly over the moon!! 
I wondered if Lypsyl was able to solve my dry lips problem. 
I decided to review them and find out. I wear matt lip stick almost every day. So for two weeks I have used Lypsyl every night after removing my make up. The results were great. My matt lip colour applied so much easier and the finished look was even smoother than before. Oh and NO MORE flakey lips after the matt lipstick! I can't believe it.

Here's me wearing a Matt Lippy!
This was taken while I was having a chill night, magazines, candy canes, and of course my new pamper essential; Lypsyl. If I had to choose a favourite it would be the blue original. The smell of it reminds me of being young and applying Lypsyl in the toilet at primary school! 
Lypsyl is an essential for these cold winter months, and now an all year round go-to with its amazing hydrating powers, perfect for any matt lip lover.

Want to try Lypsyl for yourself?
Now available at Asda or Tesco.

Lypsyl has made it into my 2015 favourite. Stay tuned for my vlog!

Thank you to Lypsyl for sending me these lovely items!