Monday, 30 November 2015

Hugh Rice Christmas

Welcome to my #HughRiceChristmas wish list!!!! I've chosen my favourite items from the Hugh Rice website to create my dream wishlist. I'll talk you through my choices. All items are links so you can take a look at the items, or even maybe treat yourself. 

A little bit about Hugh Rice...

Hugh Rice offers a mixture of fine jewellery and watch brands as well as an extensive collection of fashion jewellery. It stocks the finest international brands, including Omega, Breitling, Tag Heuer, Chopard, Thomas Sabo and Pandora.


Hugh Rice Jewellers are now located at 12 gorgeous stores in Hull, Wakefield, Sheffield, Leeds, Beverley, Harrogate and Bradford.


I love this item. Its so effective. Love the karma symbol, and yes I need some good karma right now.

2. Daniel Wellington Ladies Classy St Andrews Brown Leather 26mm Watch with Crystal Dial Detail £119.00.  I'm a huge fan of Daniel Wellington, and love the fact that the Hull store now stock DW, great move.

I would love this disc charm, i'd like to get my initials engraved on it!

I love these earrings, from and the brand links of london, as you can tell this post of full of links! I'm a big fan of silver, and really like the shape these!

I have the short version of this necklace and I've been eyeing up the long version for a long time. I'd love this to go with a black dress, so simple and yet effective.

This is my #HughRiceChristmas competition entry.

You can shop at Hugh Rice via this link
Head to one of their stores using this store locator link >


Saturday, 28 November 2015

Merryhide Launch Party

This was my invite, I love the design.

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to the launch of a new brand of Handbags called Merryhide. I went along to the launch with my mum and we had such a great time. Firstly Merryhide was established in 2014. They have a simple aim. To introduce exciting, innovative and high quality designs and products into the fashion accessory world. The event was amazing. It was held at Salon iD in beverley. 

The main concept of the Merryhide brand is a handbag that has many compartments that can be used all together as a big bag, or can be detached and used separately. In effect you actually get three bags in one. Currently you can buy the Merryhide mixer in 5 different colours. Pink, Black, Chestnut, Taupe and Aqua Blue. My favourite at the moment would have to be Taupe, or Black because I just love black so much. 

I'll talk you through the launch so you can see how great it was.

This is inside the launch event at Salon iD in Beverley, great location, loved the setting and the placement of the bags.

Here is one of the Merryhide mixers! This is the black version, each part can be detached and used separately. What a great idea!! (mum if your reading this can you buy me one lol)

I love the black and the taupe bags, imagine a mix of the two!!

Heres the blue version, oh and a Merryhide cupcakes, you guys literally thought of everything!

These are some of the bags that were on the wall, as you can see there a mixe of all the colours, I took this shot so that you can see how they can be used together or separately. 

Just when you though Merryhide's talents end, they put on the most amazing canap├ęs!
As you can see, presentation was so on point.
Please send me the recipe for the cheese and fig ones, AMAZE.

As seen before, Merryhide cupcakes!!! They were so tasty.

The drinks were equally appreciated, and guys, the lights behind the ice, i LOVE.

Here's just a long shot of the salon, so you can see how lovely the setting was.

I'd just like to say what a wonderful evening I had with my Mum at the Merryhide launch. The product you have launched is amazing, the concept of the bag is really useful and I HOPE my mum can get the message with regards to christmas. All bags are currently available at £165.00 which is such a good price considering the quality and design of the product.

I'm really excited to have been a part of the launch, and honoured to have been invited. 
The brand is getting a lot of attention online and I love the story of the Merryhide brand.
You can take a look at the brand, story and bags at

Camilla, Scott, wishing you both every success.

Thank you


Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Neal & Wolf; Peace Collection Review

A few weeks ago I received this beautiful parcel of Neal & Wolf Peace Collection products to review here on my blog. Little did I know just how essential these products have become to my daily hair care routine. I'm literally gutted that they're nearly empty, but also happy because they can now go on my christmas list, yay (mum if your reading this then thats great)!

Something that really strikes me about these products is the packaging, the bottles, their colour, the text on the bottles and how they look in my bathroom. I really love the deep purple. The next obvious element is the smell, its very distinctive, quite a heavy smell. I've been complimented on the smell of my hair at least 3 times in the past 4 weeks. Who doesn't want great smelling hair in two effortless steps. 

Having received a fair amount of hair products from the hull bloggers event, none of them stood out to me as much as this range that I was sent. Neal & Wolf, you're definitely on to something here with the candle and shampoo conditioner combo, its like the whole experience is new to me. As a brand they offer indulgence redefined, it could not be more true. 

My hair itself feels healthier, softer. It smells amazing. You need to smell this stuff.
Another thing my mum noticed was the shine of my hair. The shampoo is quite thick as far as shampoos go, almost with a gel feel. But it lathers so well with little effort. The true magic of softness is locked in the 5 minute conditioning session, the results are instant. 

All I can say is #EmbraceTheNight
Thank you Neal & Wolf for not only these products but showing exactly how you have redefined indulgence. 

Vlog with further pictures of my hair and review details to follow...

Get the peace collection here.
and the candle here.


Monday, 23 November 2015


The real question you should be asking yourself is squeeze or melt. The picture above is squeeze, purely squeezed onto a cracker, and oh thats a mini tomato. I like to call this one posh cheese and tomato. Thats on a poppy seed cracker. However my favourite way to eat Primular original cheese is to melt it in the microwave and dip ciabatta or doritoes in it. (i would have inserted a picture here but I ate it before I could lol) I first discovered my love for Primular Cheese at the Hull Bloggers event earlier on this year. Its become such a staple in the family fridge and my mum even buys it without asking now. I literally love the original, however I am partial to the cheese and prawn flavour.

Find your favourite primula at



A little taste of Coconut nspa

The only way I can describe this product is like a little drop of summer in a bottle. For me the smell of coconut just reminds me of summer, Ibiza, Mallorca, Marbella, sunbathing, cocktails and of course coconut oil. There is honestly nothing better than getting back from work and running a deep bubble bath complete with nspa coconut aroma. Although its not summer and those cold dark nights have set in, its not too late to reflect on the summer times of the year. I recommend this product, a summer playlist and a fruity drink. Close your eyes, and you could be anywhere.

Something i'm even more impressed by is the brand, Natural Spa. The brand is stocked in Asda, I love how I can pick this up at the same time as my food shopping! I love their idea of 'affordable indulgence bottled'. I love the smoothing finish that the in bath/shower cream leaves. When i'm running a bath everyone compliments the smell coming from the bathroom. I'm on my second bottle of Nspa Coconut, the bottle is huge, it lasted around 2 months of everyday use!

This product is available here.

This product was from the Hull Bloggers Event!
Thank you to nspa.