Friday, 30 October 2015

Saffron Hart Salon Experience

Today I went to have my hair done by Sam Jones at Saffron Hart Salon in Anlaby. The whole thing left me feeling like i'd had a new experience in the world of hair pampering. If you've read my blog before you'll probably already know how much I love all things hair orientated, especially styling my hair. I was invited to come along and review the Saffron Hart Salon. I had a cut, blow dry and curling session with Sam, and as you can see from my selfie, i'm loving the results.

Poser alert.

The finished look of curls and waves!

Heres a shot from after my trim and blow dry, sleek and smooth!

Let me walk you through my salon journey...

Here are the basins, they're so comfortable around your neck and having my hair washed was literally so relaxing. I even got a head massage, Sam knows what she's doing!

Now to introduce the products that were used, the Wella Professionals Elements Shampoo and Conditioner, refreshing and yet light, I need to get this set to use at home. 

Following the hair wash and head massage I made my way over to Sam's section,
(also how cute is the wall paper). 

The Styling Products

1. Wella SP Lux Oil, Sam applied this on my freshly washed hair to moisturise and strengthen the inner cuticles of my hair. 
2. Balmin Volume Mousse for Strong Hair, Sam used this before blow drying at the root and top of my parting to give volume where it is most needed.
3. Balmain Session Spray, After blowdrying and curling my hair Sam sprayed the curls to allow this product to help hold the style. 
4. Wella SP Luxe oil Light oil, Sam finally finished the look with a slight spray of this oil, this ensures that the hair is still shiny.

BEFORE & AFTER sleek look.

My treatments were priced at a total of £34.00 when done by Sam*

Saffron Hart Salon is located at 28 Wilson Street in Anlaby, literally a 10 minute drive from where I live. My hair was done by Elite Stylist, Sam Jones. If anyone would like to book in with Sam you can get 10% off your first appointment by quoting 'anna10' or mentioning that you have seen my blog post about the salon! This is a brilliant opportunity for you to experience the Saffron Hart Salon for yourself. 

To book you can either, message Sam on Facebook by clicking here!
You can call the salon directly and ask to be booked in with Sam on 01482 657705

To see other examples of hair done at Saffron Hart click here!

*Please note I was invited to give a true and honest review of Saffron Hart Salon.*
*My treatments were free*


Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Marble Everything

Ok, so the whole of instagram seems to be covered in all things marble. When I came across this iPhone case company I wondered why anyone would pay £25 for a phone case. I decided enough was enough, I needed to see what was so special about these cases. Order placed. Waiting. Order arrives. Anna jumps up and down at the quality of the item, the precision of the printing and the high gloss finish. Not to mention the amount of people asking me "where is your case from?". Ok Madotta, you've really created something truly beautiful, flawless and literally irresistible. The only down side? I want them all.

Get yours at
The box is also amazing, and I think they would make a brilliant gift.


Friday, 16 October 2015

#DearMrLista Competition

Who wants to win one thousand pounds worth of products from any online retailers?! I know I do. I've recently been working with a new company called Mr Lista. Mr Lista is an online tool that you can use to organise the items that you want to buy online. You may have seen me use this tool before to display the products from a review. Oh and this is me getting excited about my competition entry!

The best way to see exactly how Mr Lista works is to go to their website and while you're there enter their competition. Watch my vlog for more information on how to enter.

this is my entry list!

Step 1. click on the link above.
Step 2. either log in or sign up.
Step 3. go to 'my listas' on the left and click 'create a new list'
Step 4. click on wish list
Step 5. give your list a name, e.g. Anna's Wishlist
Step 6. click ok and you will be taken to your blank list.
Step 7. Add the MrLista button to your browser.
Step 8. go to your chosen website e.g.
Step 9. Choose an item. Click on the item. 
Step 10. Click on the button in your web browser bar 'AddToMrLista'.
Step 11. Add the item and click ok.

Do this for all of the items you wish to add to your list. up to the value of £1000.
Finally visit the above link again and submit your list to Mr Lista as your competition entry.

For more terms and conditions please click on the terms and conditions page on the MrLista website.

Any questions, message me or tweet me @annaluefook
or email me

and don't forget to hashtag #DearMrLista

Who needs santa anyway?!


Monday, 12 October 2015

Blanx Original Review and Giveaway

 Greetings fellow blog lovers, i've been working with a teeth whitening company called BlanX. As you can probably tell from previous posts I love writing about teeth whitening products and sharing my results and reviews with you. My teeth and smile are something I take very seriously. BlanX use a natural arctic lichen formula in their products, something that really puts my mind at rest when trying to achieve a whitener smile. I don't want to damage my teeth in the process of whitening them, this is why I always use BlanX. If you've read my blog before you may have seen me mention BlanX on several occasions. This company is my absolute 'go to' for at home teeth whitening. Using BlanX requires little effort, just a few changes such a using BlanX instead of your usual toothpaste, or adding in another product such as the Intensive Whitening Treatment to your daily routine. Firstly i've reviewed the whole BlanX Original range, as shown above. Scroll down and keep reading for the giveaway!
To document my review I decided to take before and after pictures over a period of two weeks using Blanx everyday in the place on my usual toothpaste. Every other day I have also introduced the use of the Intensive Whitening Treatment. I wanted you to be able to see just how simple and easy it is to get amazing results when using such a great brand. The picture on the left is at day 1 and the picture on the right is at day 14. As you can see my teeth are much whiter and i'm honestly astounded at the results. 

So BlanX have send me the full Original range to review, they have also sent me the range again to giveaway to one of my lovely followers/readers. Another thing to bear in mind is that some foods can help you to get whiter teeth. BlanX have been working with  Natasha Corrett of Honestly Healthy and have even created some useful and informative youtube clips. Did you know that strawberries help to naturally whiten teeth?!

 >>Click here to watch the video!<<

Keep scrolling for the giveaway!

To be in with the chance to win the full BlanX original Range use the widget below and follow the instructions. The full range consists of 4 products as shown in the first picture at the top of the post. Please note this is a UK ONLY competition. The competition ends on monday the 26th of October. The winner will be announced on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

All products were sent to me by BlanX UK.*

Happy Monday People!


Friday, 9 October 2015

Makeup Storage

I posted this picture of my makeup storage on my instagram and a lot of people have asked me where its from so I thought i'd do a blog post about it. I absolutely love makeup storage. I think this is due to all the beauty bloggers and make up artists that I follow. They always have such a beautifully laid out workspace. I wanted to replicate something like this but on a smaller scale. I don't have tons of makeup so I didn't need to buy a really big storage set. I wanted it to look full but not overflowing. I looked online and found this! Basically the storage is actually stationary storage from a company called Muji.

Muji have a website and ship to the UK so I have linked all the storage below. This storage is actually three parts all stacked on top of one another. I did actually do a post on this storage a while ago, but I've turned the top storage the other way around so it looks slightly different. As you can see from the prices its not expensive but is so effective. The arclyic finish is just so high end, it looks professional and is easy to use. The storage is well made and actually quite heavy. Ive used it literally everyday since the day I bought it. I think this is a great investment if you are keen to store your makeup this way. Friends always ask me where its from when they see my room for the first time. I'm happy to answer any questions you may have about the storage. Also I have linked my old post here so you can see what I mean about the separate parts of the storage. There are bigger versions of this storage, I just found that this was the right size for me. To find other types of storage I would google 'muji acrylic stationary storage' or use the stationary links on the links provided below. They can even be used separately as shown on the other post. The service from Muji was brilliant. The items were well packaged and the delivery was fast. Hope this answers your questions girls! 

(all items are linked just click!)

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Friday, 2 October 2015

Luxemme Two Piece

As a blogger i'm obsessed with online shopping and really do get excited when a delivery arrives. When you unwrap that item, try it on and look in the mirror for the first time, I think thats my favourite part of online shopping. I am pictured below doing exactly that.  I've recently collaborated with a brand called Luxemme. I was allowed to select an item from their online store and they sent me it to share with my lovely readers! Above i've laid out all the items I will wear the outfit with, a bit like a lookbook. 

Luxemme aim to deliver premium clothing with a realistic price tag. The company also offer a limited edition section, something i'm passionate about. Lets face it, when you go on a night out with all your girls the last thing you want to see when you get into the club is another girl wearing the same thing as you. Its good to want to be different, to look different and to shop for items online that are bespoke. Luxemme have really grasped that concept. I'm wearing the 'Charisse Suede Crop Scallop Two Piece' from the limited edition section for £35.00; swoon. I'm loving suede and already have my eye on my next must have from Luxemme. I think this look is perfect for a night out with your girls! Or you could even wear it for a meal partnered with a black blazer.


Head straight to their website, and have a look at some of the limited edition pieces. As well as this they offer an extensive range of other items such as Blazers, Dresses, Jackets, Jumpsuits, Knitwear, Playsuits, Skirts, Tops, Trousers, Two Pieces & Co-ords, Limited Edition, and even Sale items!

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Do you like this two piece?

Do you like this look?

What will you buy from Luxemme first?!!