Monday, 28 April 2014

Kardashian Slick Back & Contour

So today I tried the Khloe Kardashian style slick back look. Who doesn't love the Kardashians?!
I also complimented the hair style with a contour technique similar to a Kim Kardashian look.

To achieve the hair I simply straightened my hair using GHD's, backcombed a  small section at the back of my parting line and then brushed all my hair backwards. I used gel for the sides to get the sleek look and to hold that pushed back look into place I used hair spray to give it a final firming setting. 

The makeup is rimmel london wake me up foundation as a base. Then using the the sleek face form contouring and blush palette I blended the dark brown shade (using the fish face) into the crease of my cheek. I then applied bobbi brown bronzer to the apples of my cheeks, a black topshop eyeshadow both above and below my eye and blended that out. Filled my eyebrows with bobbi brown saddle 61. Finishing with bobbi brown everything mascara and some rimmel lipstick in the shade 107. 

Simple, and I love the look. Will I dare to brave the public with my new sleek do? We'll have to see.

Do you like the final look?
Will you wear this style?
Are you loving the Kardashians as much as me?


Sunday, 27 April 2014

Instagram, Cars and Boys

my boyfriend & I. 
my boyfriend cooking me a beautiful meal. 
my favourite bobbi brown everything mascara.
a few recent shots of my boyfriend & I.
but first, let me take a selfie.
i've been in hospital, nut allergy reaction, but i'm ok now.
my new steering wheel.
another shameful selfie.
my one year anniversary gifts, dior and links of london jewellery, keeper right?
my nude shellac nails.
my new car and my dads new car.
my nude shellac shoes.
my new car #2.
my new car #3.
my new car keys.

I HAVE A NEW CAR, totally in love. AUDI A1, a call her Audrina, isn't she BEAUTIFUL?
Boys, well boys are trouble, and yet so worth it.
and Instagram? well you should follow me. @annaluefook

I'm also now on blog lovin' use the link above my selfie in the right hand bar.


Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Key Silver Jewellery Pieces

Links of London Necklace £130.00

Links of London Bangle £140.00
Pandora Ring £65.00

These are my go to key jewellery pieces. I used to be into a lot of fashion jewellery, but when I started working in a local jewellers my obsession with just a few silver items grew and grew. I've always loved Links of London, (I did the whole sweetie bracelet thing at 16) and I adore this 20/20 necklace and the karabiner bangle. Links of London have really mastered simplicity and eye catching into these two beautiful items. The ring is Pandora, i've just looked online and its actually a discontinued piece.

Do you have a certain piece of jewellery that you adore?
Whats your favourite, silver, gold or rose gold?

Shop the range....
(happy late easter)
Anna x

*These items were gifts.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Blanx White Shock Complete Range Review

Forever wanting white teeth? Not quite sure where to start? I have the answers, they are simple, effective and affordable. Sounds too good to be true right... I know. But Blanx White Shock is a total game changer.  
I have been a regular user of Blanx toothpaste for quite a few years, i've previously reviewed their amazing products, here, here and here. So as you can imagine when this box of Blanx products was posted to me to review I was super super excited to try even more of the products but more importantly share with you my results and my ever growing love for Blanx!

My favourite of the products would have to be the mouthwash, quick and easy. 

  1. Blanx White Shock 75ml £4.99
  2. I use this product before bed.
  3. Blanx White Shock Treatment 30ml + LED Bite £10.66
  4. I use this product in a morning if I have a late start. I use it as a 1 minute treatment 5 days a week and a 10 minute treatment 2 days a week. 
  5. Blanx White Shock 50ml + LED £7.49
  6. I use product every morning if I am in a hurry, other wise I would use the LED bite version.
  7. Blanx White Shock Mouthwash 500ml £4.99
  8. I use this product every morning and every night. 
  9. Blanx White Shock Gel Pen £10.00
  10. I keep this product in my handbag and use it every lunch time if my teeth appear a little discoloured from food. 
  11. Products from left to right from first image. (unbranded toothbrush just for display)

  1. During reviewing time is all got a little messsssssssssssssssy.
Day 1 is the top image. Tuesday 1st April.
Day 5 is the bottom image. Saturday 5th April.
Using a combination of products over a period of 5 days. The results are AMAZING!

I can honestly say that even from the first use of the first product I could tell straight away that the products were working. Also my teeth aren't sensitive or damaged and this is because Blanx does not contain peroxide or optical whiteners. The LED bite is really comfortable and I can still start to get ready whilst the timer is running. I think that if you are wanting to try this product I would highly recommend it, its so affordable and works so well. I would also like to say that I have never had my teeth professionally whitened. I had braces a few years ago and Blanx was the first ever whitening product that was recommended to me by my orthodontist. If you've never tried whitening before this is a brilliant kit to kick start the process with instant results. The whole process was completely pain free and my teeth feel cleaner than ever. I also really really like the smell of the mint Blanx use, its so unique and refreshing. 

As always my review was honest and contains true unedited images of my results. 
*All products were gifted to me by Blanx.

Thank you so much Blanx.

Comment below if you liked this post? Do you use whitener products? Will you try Blanx?