Wednesday, 26 February 2014

CND Shellac Nails

I have for as long as I can remember been completely obsessed with nails. When I was eleven my mum took me to get a manicure on my natural nails, it was a basic file and polish in this striking hot pink colour. I watched the lady perform this manicure and told my mum that I wanted to be able to do that when I was older. I then set about building a collection of nail polishes which peaked at around fifty different colours. I have been blessed with really fast growing and healthy nails and therefore preened them at every given opportunity. At first I watched tutorials on YouTube and then I bought nail art books and became hooked. I have never had acrylic or gel nail extensions on as I don’t like how unnatural they look and I’m honestly scared about the damage they cause. However my friend recently introduced me to CND Shellac and I must say that it is the absolute holy grail of nail finishes. I look at my thirty plus standard nail varnishes in disgust! Shellac offers two weeks of no chipping and a high gloss resistant finish. And so I decided to buy the full CND shellac kit separately online.

I have now decided nine years later to train and qualify in Manicure and CND Shellac nails in order to make some spare cash. I want a certificate and to be taught professionally. In March 2014 I will be attending college in order to study manicure and shellac and will qualify around 6 weeks later. Its good to use some of your free time to do something you love. I just love shellac and its true; once you go for Shellac, you never go back. Cheesy I know. It is expensive though, around £40.00 for a shellac mani pedi, but is it so worth it for the finish you get! The cost element is why I have chosen to do it myself. 
I find that performing a manicure and pedicure is really relaxing, whether that be on me or my friends. I enjoy each part of the process and have my own little salon set up in my loft. To see more of my shellac work or my set up, follow me on Instagram @annaluefook.

Do you currently get Shellac done?
Would you consider using shellac at home?
Tweet me your pictures of your fresh nails! @annaluefook


Monday, 24 February 2014

A New Feel

Brugge, exploring.

Currently adjusting to being back doing uni work. But very excited to start blogging properly again.
So far, the response from the remodel is that people really like the way my blog is now set out and branded. Which i'm really relieved about! 
The new content will feature more travel, nails and and foody posts.
But I need suggestions, so please drop me an email? or tweet? 


Monday, 17 February 2014

The Remodel

So I have decided to remodel my blog. Goodbye annalittlefashion, hello!
I am officially back to blogging after taking a longgggggggggg break which was needed due to university commitments. However, I have decided to take a slightly different approach and my blog will no longer be about solely fashion and beauty. I'm now going to feature more topical content, such as pampering, travel, food and a hint of fashion and beauty. 

If you have a any ideas on what my blog should now feature please comment below.
I am also contemplating returning to YouTube??!?!? Do you think I should?