Saturday, 6 December 2014

#Nextmas Wishlist

I'm back with a post featuring my Next christmas wish list! #Nextmas
Above are the ten items i've selected to appear in my wishlist. All of the items I would absolutely love to own.
the maroon nighty.
the silver watch.
the milan perfume.
the hat.
the happy tee.
the black heels.
the grey poncho.
the checked throw.
the black dress with white trim.
the tan overnight bag.
So much so that I am actually working for Next over Christmas in Hull as a Christmas Temp. 
What's your #Nextmas list?

Merry Christmas, Blogger love!


Thursday, 25 September 2014

Season Changer

Boots already? unfortunately its freezing, so yes. Zara £30.00. Jumpers really? not quite coat weather but thick cardigans are in, Primark £10.00. Candles, are we having a power cut? no but a hot bath is much better with plenty of candles, Home Bargains £1.50. Scarf? really? Zara is the queen for this area £18.00. Super comfy relaxing wear is complusory for uni students right? Duh Primark are on form early for these, £6.00. The first thing is to maintain a tan, well now you can with Bobbi Brown Bronzers at £27.00 i like the shade golden light. Too many vodka and cokes? Too many jager bombs? Time to whiten for the winter. As usual, my go to product for teeth is Blanx, available in many variations of products from superdrug at just £6.00. 

I think, I can maybe deal with cold now? 
Probably not.

Is it June yet?

Wednesday, 27 August 2014


Hotel Fiesta Cala Llonga. 
The second most beautiful place I have ever been.
And the first? Jamaica.

Saturday, 23 August 2014

TK Maxx Guest Blogger

On Thursday I attended the opening of the new TK Maxx store in Hull on Kingswood retail park. The new store location is perfect. The store is spacious and has a brilliant selection on brands. In my opinion, TK Maxx is a goldmine for amazing products at affordable prices. I find the whole store experience very exciting as you never know what you may just stumble upon. I could literally spend hours looking closely at the selection and variety of products. 

Balloons were everywhere for the grand opening. 

Soaps in gorgeous vintage packaging.

The hair care collection is huge, with everything you could need and so affordable.

Beauty holdalls, perfect for holidays, the gym or simply your dressing table.

So many different brands available. I like neon! 

Best idea of the day; fill a trolly and decide at the till. (this got way out of hand)

You can always rely on TK Maxx for unique one off pieces especially in home ware.

Towels can change a whole bathroom. I like the detailing on these! 

Inject some colour into a white or neutral bathroom. 

Room sprays? Candles? Soaps? YES, all available here for a lot less than the RRP.

All of the above resulted in this. God I love spending money.

I came home with this...

and this...

TK Maxx offers big labels, for small prices and this couldn't be more true.
I visited the store again today and it was equally as busy as the opening day. I bought;

Yoga Mat: £9.99 was £20.00
Lunch Box: £9.99 was £15.00
Set of 5 Candles: £7.99 was £20.00
Soap: £7.99 was £20.00
Eyebrow Brush: £2.99 was £5.00
Beauty Holdall: £8.99 was £31.20
Black tote bag: £49.99 was £99.00

Go and visit the store!!

Shop online at

 I'm seriously addicted to TK Maxx and the products I find.



*Thank you to TK Maxx for my invitation*

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

i'm back

I was indeed lost in a stupid thing called love, I thought it was real, but apparently like all good things, it isn't. So it's on with the future. Blogging at the TKMAXX opening in Hull tomorrow.

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Clothes Swap, Hull Fashion Week

The clothes swap took place at 14:00 this afternoon. The idea is to bring some of your old clothes in order to exchange them with someone else. Everyone places their items down and can then collect some *new to them* items. It's almost like a free charity shop system. But the feel is to bring something that you think someone else would like or wear more than you. Even hats and bags were brought to the swap. I didn't take part in the swap as I didn't know about it in advance. But everyone pictured above seems to be having a really good time. Another brilliant Hull Fashion Week Event. More to come. Much love,


Roary The Tiger, Hull Fashion Week

The one and only Roary the Tiger made an appearance at the event today.
Various final fashion shows are about to take place, and again, I will be blogging on the event directly.

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Cake and Catwalk, Hull Fashion Week

I'm so excited to be at Hull Fashion Week blogging live from the event. I'm sat at the bloggers hub talking to other bloggers and working with them on posts throughout the day of events that are taking place right now. Whilst at the event i've tried this Victoria Sponge Cake which I bought from Thieving Harry's which is a bakery in Hull from Humber Street. They are selling this amazing cake at the event and I just couldn't resist a piece. I've just seen 3+ fashion shows on the catwalk behind me. My favourite was the display of Miss Hull past and present girls. They are all so beautiful. I'm very honoured to be have been invited to Hull Fashion Week as a blogger. I've met some lovely bloggers, especially Chelsea who posts about hair at read her amazing blog using the link.

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Hull Fashion Week Bloggers Hub

Blogging direct from the event throughout the day.
Lots of different events happening throughout the day.

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Monday, 28 April 2014

Kardashian Slick Back & Contour

So today I tried the Khloe Kardashian style slick back look. Who doesn't love the Kardashians?!
I also complimented the hair style with a contour technique similar to a Kim Kardashian look.

To achieve the hair I simply straightened my hair using GHD's, backcombed a  small section at the back of my parting line and then brushed all my hair backwards. I used gel for the sides to get the sleek look and to hold that pushed back look into place I used hair spray to give it a final firming setting. 

The makeup is rimmel london wake me up foundation as a base. Then using the the sleek face form contouring and blush palette I blended the dark brown shade (using the fish face) into the crease of my cheek. I then applied bobbi brown bronzer to the apples of my cheeks, a black topshop eyeshadow both above and below my eye and blended that out. Filled my eyebrows with bobbi brown saddle 61. Finishing with bobbi brown everything mascara and some rimmel lipstick in the shade 107. 

Simple, and I love the look. Will I dare to brave the public with my new sleek do? We'll have to see.

Do you like the final look?
Will you wear this style?
Are you loving the Kardashians as much as me?


Sunday, 27 April 2014

Instagram, Cars and Boys

my boyfriend & I. 
my boyfriend cooking me a beautiful meal. 
my favourite bobbi brown everything mascara.
a few recent shots of my boyfriend & I.
but first, let me take a selfie.
i've been in hospital, nut allergy reaction, but i'm ok now.
my new steering wheel.
another shameful selfie.
my one year anniversary gifts, dior and links of london jewellery, keeper right?
my nude shellac nails.
my new car and my dads new car.
my nude shellac shoes.
my new car #2.
my new car #3.
my new car keys.

I HAVE A NEW CAR, totally in love. AUDI A1, a call her Audrina, isn't she BEAUTIFUL?
Boys, well boys are trouble, and yet so worth it.
and Instagram? well you should follow me. @annaluefook

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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Key Silver Jewellery Pieces

Links of London Necklace £130.00

Links of London Bangle £140.00
Pandora Ring £65.00

These are my go to key jewellery pieces. I used to be into a lot of fashion jewellery, but when I started working in a local jewellers my obsession with just a few silver items grew and grew. I've always loved Links of London, (I did the whole sweetie bracelet thing at 16) and I adore this 20/20 necklace and the karabiner bangle. Links of London have really mastered simplicity and eye catching into these two beautiful items. The ring is Pandora, i've just looked online and its actually a discontinued piece.

Do you have a certain piece of jewellery that you adore?
Whats your favourite, silver, gold or rose gold?

Shop the range....
(happy late easter)
Anna x

*These items were gifts.