Sunday, 20 January 2013

Giveaway: Shoebou Chelsea Platform Boots

Competition over WINNER: Sophie Bowman!

this giveaway has ended.

Free shoes I hear you scream? Yes that’s right.
I have been asked to hold a giveaway on behalf of a company called Shoebou.
Shoebou is a new online shop brimming with beautiful shoes waiting to grace your feet. From heels to wedges, boots to wellies this website has everything you could want throughout the year! I have chosen a pair of Black Chelsea Ankle Boots from the website to giveaway to one lucky reader of my blog!! I personally think they will look amazing with jeans and a blazer! I am holding the giveaway via the raffle copter below. During this cold and snowy weather, why not treat yourself to some wellies?! Look at the wide range Shoebou offer here. Perfect for festivals & snow. The winner will be contacted on the 3rd of feb 2013.
I would like to be able to give away these boots to another blogger, i mean its not essential but it would be nice if the winner could write about winning such a lovely pair of boots!

Good Luck,

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Muji Makeup Storage


After posting a photo on Instagram displaying my new storage I received a few emails requesting a post so here it is!

I have recently wanted to update the way I store my makeup but so far hadn’t found anything too visually pleasing. I had a look at a few videos on how other blogger store theirs and decided that the only company that had the answer to my problems was Muji. After a quick look on their website I selected a few items and decided that I was looking for three different types of store with similar dimensions so that I could stack them or have them laid out next to one another.

I set myself a target of achieving this storage plan in under £30 including delivery. The first piece is from the stationary section called Acrylic Partition Desk Tidy. It has four smaller sections and two larger ones in store brushes, tools, mascara, eyeliner, lipstick, lipgloss, concealer & primer. The second piece is called Acrylic Box 2 Drawers Narrow. It is simply two small drawers for foundation, eye palettes, blusher, highlighter, bronzer & powder. The third and final piece is called the Acrylic Deep Box 1 Drawer. It is one big drawer perfect for nail varnish or skincare.

I purchased all items for £23.85 & delivery was £2.95 so all in all I managed to stick to my budget.

My order took two days to arrive which I think is brilliant as a standard delivery service.

I am going to film a video to show which products and where and also which products I actually own because this has been requested by email a few times.

I would highly recommend buying storage from Muji, the brushed acrylic is so beautiful!

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Blog Sale

Topshop  & River Island items for blog sale!


I have used ebay to list these items plus a few more. I have only worn these items once or twice. All items are in brilliant condition. I am currently only shipping to the UK. The link to all the items i am selling is here.
Items starting price are all between £2.00 and £3.99 so its time to get bidding!

Comment if you have any questions regarding items.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

iPad Mini vs Kindle Fire HD

iPad Mini White 16GB Wifi £269.00
Kindle Fire HD £159.00*

After buying myself the new iPad mini and two weeks later receiving a call from my college to say I’d won a Kindle HD Fire I was pretty excited to be all geeked up with my new tech gear! Honestly I’ve never read so much since getting a kindle, or played that many pointless yet addictive games. Because I have both, I thought I could do a small review.
Firstly, I am an Apple lover, and I don’t mean the fruit kind. I have the first generation iPad iPhone, iPhone 5 & occasionally use my uncles Apple TV. I would like a Mac Book Pro but they are very expensive and it’s a big investment that I’m thinking my student loan my help with. (hoping I get into uni here)
Kindle has always caught my eye because it’s a concept ideal for holidays and convenience with college books. I’m hoping to study for a Marketing degree in September so this will help a lot with all those books I will have to trawl through.
I would say that the products do what they are designed to do very well. The iPad is a beautiful design and any company would struggle to compete with Apples design of the iPad. Reading a book on the Kindle is easier on the eye than the iPad. Importing is simple on the Kindle, usb and a basic drag and drop system. The iPad is more complicated with having to use itunes to import everything.
Overall, the iPad can do what the Kindle can do and more. The Kindle is a beautiful product and is a cheaper well-made alternative. Some people want a tablet and see that a Kindle can fulfil that need. Some people like me feel that the Apple iPad is so much more and offers potential that they can justify paying Apples prices.
Both products can satisfy a specific person’s needs.  
Personally I prefer the iPad because I use it more for writing assignments and college work.
I have nothing against the Kindle as I love that product also!
A few apps worth a mention from Apple App Store:
The Room (iPhone 5 & iPad only)
Pages (mac version of windows)
Flow Free
Cooking Mama
O2 Moments
Sky Go
*Kindle gifted by college

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Soap & Glory Smoothie Star Body Milk

Boots £10.00
Purchased as set 'Soap & Glory, Best of All' RRP £60.00

Every year my mum buys me a Soap and Glory set and along with that comes the rekindling of my love for all things S&G. Amazing smells and reasonable pricing are just some of the key elements to the company’s success. I've had various holy grail items from this company year on year but this time it's different. I opened my set to find a wealth of amazing products. I routinely smell each product and decide which one is my favourite. This year the smell of the Body Milk took my fancy. After repeated sniffing and major attempts to guess its ingredients I've decided they have it right. Yes it does smell like a smoothie, and the nicest smoothie I have ever smelt. It's Almond, Oats and Brown Sugar mix is rich and inviting.
I now most evenings get a bath instead of a shower with a drop of Jo Malone body oil and soak for at least 40 minutes. Wash my hair and then jump out of the bath. Followed by a light towel drying of the hair and mild patting of the body with a towel. I do this because I like to have reasonably damp skin to allow the magical Smoothie Star to work it's deep moisture magic. Moisture Lock is the name of that magical water retaining ingredient. I feel smooth yet, moisturised, my skin is quenched not drenched and in the morning I feel the same, satisfied and soft.
Try it, is all I can say, I highly doubt you will be disappointed. 

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Where have you been?

Onside from Next £30!
Literally have been living in this onsie! (SO CUTE)

Hello everyone, hope you have all had a brilliant Christmas and New Year celebrations. I have in all honesty been rather busy to say theleast. I have started a new job. I’m not going to publicize where I’m workingon my blog because I feel it is unnecessary to do that. Over the Christmas periodI have worked a lot of hours and honestly, apart from Christmas day and oneother day this is my first real break from work.

I had an amazing Christmas with family and Father Christmas didnot disappoint! I got a white iPad mini, a Michael Kors watch and PLENTY ofother amazing things. I also won a competition at college to win a Kindle FireHD!!!! I am so in love with my kindle and iPads. I have decided to do a reviewof both as my next post.

Getting down to the important stuff… As you may be aware Ihaven’t really done a lot of blogging over the past few weeks. I have enjoyednot blogging and having a good old relax on my one or two days off. A mix ofworking and celebrations has taken over all the time I usually have to sitaround and blog. But hey ho, it’s a new year. I’m definitely going to try myhardest to get back into blogging more regularly. My YouTube channel is stillrunning, so head over there for hauls, tutorials and more of me: Ohand try not to laugh too much at my dad singing ‘One Pound Fish’ jeeeeeeeeeez!

Do you have a kindle? Do you have an iPad?
Which do you think is better?
Email me your thoughts to