Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Collective Haul

Hi everyone! I’m back with my second haul video. This is a collective haul with products from Topshop, Rimmel London, NARS and Primark. The video features both make up and clothes. You can watch my first video here. I’ve got a lot more time for blogging at the moment as I’m really organised with my college work. Stressing slightly over applying for university but I’m getting there slowly. I’m going to be doing some DIY candles later this week and hope to get some pictures, tutorials or a video up about how I made them! I hope you like my haul. I was asked to do a makeup storage video with you can expect to see in the next week. Subscribe to my YouTube channel to make sure you see all my videos drop onto your subscription feed here.

It is so cold in Hull at the moment, I really miss being able to wear a jumper for college and no coat. But its boots and piling on the layers at the moment. I would however really like it to snow for Christmas; I love Christmas generally and being surrounded by family. What are you doing this Christmas? I’d love to hear what your plans are so comment below!
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Saturday, 17 November 2012

Hello New Room

You can stare and admire my beautiful new room and think quietly to yourself "why is she showing us this?", but my new room is the reason for my absence. My room has looked pretty much the same for around 5 years with fully laminate wardrobes and matching floor, cream walls and various colour of bedding.
For my 19th birthday my parents decided enough was enough and had my laminate covered with a swanky new carpet, had my wardrobes done in white high gloss, bought me a new bed and tweaked my dressing table! My god I love it. It's the best present I've had in years, because I spend so much time in my room having something so white, stress free and bright is a dream come true. I did have an idea of what I would have liked my room to look like, but never anything as lovely as this!

I'm a home bird, only child and bedroom space lover.
I blog, sleep, film and dress in this room so it is very important to me.
I feel everyone has personal space in their own room, and each room tells a story.
What does your room look like? 
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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Neutrogena Mask & T-Zone Gel Wash Reviews

£5.68 for 150ml
Out of the two products I feel that this product gave me more of the results I am looking for. I have normal to dry skin and occasionally my face peals with dry flakes. I found this product to unclog my pores, and purify my skin deep down. I have used it in the morning as a wash and on the night as a mask as I feel keeping the thing I put on my skin in a morning should be light and less intense, the evening mask tingles and I really feel it working. It has helped to get my spots under control, not that I have lots, but the odd occasionally one is gone after the night time mask has done its bit! I think that the mask side of the product is better than the wash. But both work well.

£4.50 for 150ml
This product I feel is very good as targeting specific areas where I have large pores and stop prone areas. For me this product as a gel is light, refreshing and offers something completely different to the Neutrogena product. I would however like to continue to buy both products. I have had the t-zone one for about 4 months and have still over half left. A little goes a long way unlike the Neutrogena product as I need a good amount to cover the whole face. This product foams like a soap and the other product doesn't. Therefore they are both unique in their features.

The Verdict
My Favourite: 
Neutrogena Mask
Value for money:  T-Zone Gel Wash
Which i'd send as a present: Neutrogena Mask