Sunday, 30 September 2012

Perfume Reviews

£40.00 for 50ml
High-end product.

This perfume is my favourite out of the two. I think this is because it is less intense and smells even better the longer you have had it on. I find that a bottle of this size lasts around three to four months. I use it most days before leaving the house unless I forget and feel that it lasts a long time as I can smell it all day. I feel that this product is worth the money and would recommend this to anyone that likes something noticeable yet not too severe. I always ask for this perfume for my birthday from my boyfriend and parents to get all stocked up. 

£76.00 for 100mlHigh-end product.
This perfume is my second favourite. This perfume masters the 'just got out of the shower' smell which i always crave. I usually carry the smaller version of this around in my bag for a lunchtime freshen up. I recently stocked up on Jo Malone in westfields which you can see a post about here. I think these products are very good quality and are worth every penny (and lots of them). The presentation of Jo Malone products is priceless and has yet to be even touched upon by another brand. I specifically buy these products as presents for people because of their stunning packaging.

What are your favourite perfumes?

Can anyone recommend another high-end perfume?
Can anyone recommend a body spray that smells beautiful?!

Anna x

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Kurt Geiger Jewellery

Naturally as any girl would be i'm regularly in love with the Kurt Geiger jewellery every time I visit Leeds. Before I can buy anything my body has pulled me out of the shop before I spend my full months wages. However on a day out in Portsmouth the last store I ever thought I would find would be KG. My god I was surprised. There was a Jack Wills as well but i'm kind of past that stage. (seriously i had an obsession, i'm over it, but now refuse to sell my collection on ebay) 
I went to Portsmouth with my family and shopped all day Sunday in Gunwarf Quays which is an outlet shopping centre.
I managed to buy £130.00 worth of Kurt Geiger jewellery for £10.00!!!
£10.00 and no this isn't a typo.

The 2nd image is the Milly Bracelet RRP £40.00 I bought for £3.00

The 3rd image is the Kitty Bracelet RRP £30.00 I bought for £3.00
The 4th image is the Jerry Bracelet RRP £40.00 I bought for £3.00

The 5th image is the Stud Bracelet x2 RRP £20.00 I bought for £1.00

I'm completely in ore of these purchases and couldn't believe the sales reduction within the outlet. 

Have you ever bought some amazingly reduced jewellery?
Where are your favourite places to shop for jewellery?

Anna x


Last weekend I went to Portsmouth with my family to see my uncle. We drove down on Friday lunchtime and the rest of the family followed later on. We had Yo Sushi on the night and then went to bar 39 for drinks(could be 36 i'm not sure). On Saturday we went to the boat show in Southampton which is where I took most of these photos. On Sunday we went shopping in Gunwarf Quays which was lovely! I bought some beautiful Kurt Geiger jewellery in the sale which I will show you in my next post.

Anna x

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Fake Tan Reviews

Apply every day for a week in preparation for a night out.
Light and streak free. Small amount of fake tan smell and tends to wear off evenly. Occasionally I feel it applies thicker in certain areas. Gradually builds a tan, so not for a night out fix. 


Apply a couple of hours before a night out.
Distinct smell of fake tan masked by a similar lotion smell. Applies evenly and with great ease. Wears off leaving patches which is not very practical. Ideal for a night out, however causes mayhem in the weeks after. 


Apply on your day off work while you have time to hair dry your body.
I find this fake tan sticky and a nightmare if i'm applying it before bed. However the results are great! Better to apply during the day when you have a few hours to lay around naked (awks).


Apply when you suddenly decide that Thursday night out is really to good to miss. 
Amazing, i prefer the matte one over the shimmering one. The tan can be applied minutes before a night out and looks perfect and streak free. Be careful that you don't get a drink spilt down you on a night out, this will ruin your perfectly applied tan, booohooo. Washes off hassle free in the morning. My personal favourite.


Apply one hour before your night out and be careful with white bedding.
I do really like this fake tan, however it is sparkly and i really do prefer a matte finish. This would be my second choice. 

I apply all fake tans using their own separate mitts.

Do you use these fake tans?
Can you recommend any in particular?

Anna x

Thursday, 20 September 2012

The Face of Blanx, PLEASE VOTE FOR ME


This toothpaste is beautiful. This taste is amazing. Its quite expensive though for a general everyday toothpaste about £6.00 from Asda. But if your looking for a new toothpaste and your willing to splash the cash every now and then, i would definitely recommend this. I tend to buy this once every two months. I can really see the difference it has made to my teeth. 

Would I recommend this product to other bloggers?
Yes, if are willing to spend more for a better result.

Would I buy this product for a friend as a gift?
Er, probably not, who buys their friend toothpaste?! (i'd be insulted if someone bought me this)

Would I buy this product if it was selling at the RRP price and not on sale?
Yes, and you can get it at home bargains for £4.00 but the packaging is in another language.

If I had to sum up the results of the styler with one word what would it be?

Please vote for me to be the new face of Blanx toothpaste!
Thank you to everyone that votes.

Anna x

What's in your bag?

I don't know about anyone else, but I constantly wonder what people have hiding in their bags. Are they messy? organised? do they use one of those bag organisers? would I laugh if I saw the contents of their bag? would someone laugh if they saw the contents of mine? So I thought the best thing to do would be to bare all, and show you, what the contents of my bag really is, in the hope that you might just show me in return.

To start off my bag is a Primark copy of the Zara tote bag. It was only £12.00 I just couldn't resist. 

It also has the detachable strap but I never use it.
 Anyway on with the contents:

iPad - to use for lessons and to fill spare time.
Note pad - to lessons, and blogging ideas.
Diary - to know where I need to be and when.
Pen x2 - self explanatory.

Gucci Glasses - I wear contacts, but occasionally wear my glasses.

Ray Bans - for looking cool / protecting my eyes.
USB - saving my college work on.

Purse - £££ duh.

Lipgloss - a bit of lipgloss is heaven in a morning.
Lipsticks x2 - to add a bit of colour to my lips.

Extra Chewy - for when that garlic bread was irresistible during my lunch hour.
Paracetamol - self explanatory.
Ibuprofen -  self explanatory. 

Piriton - nut allergy.

Adrenalin Epipen - nut allergy.

What's in YOUR bag?

If you liked this post please do your own and link me the post in the comment box below:)

*I have severe nut allergy and mild asthma, so that explains the Epipen and Piriton, i'm not carry my inhalers with me at the moment because my asthma is under control. When my friends have aches and pains they always refer to me as nurse nancy, with all the pills and potions you could possibly need. 

Anna x

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Neat Ombre Bun


Blazer: Primark £22.00
Top: Topshop £14.00
Earrings: Dorothy Perkins £4.00

I'm definitely a 'hair down-freshly washed' kinda girl, but my hair does style better on the second day.
I'm torn between it smelling great and looking a bit flat or it smelling just ok and looking uber textured.
So i've been working straight hair on Mondays, enrapture curls on Tuesdays and up buns on Wednesdays.
Those are the only days i'm at college, the rest of the week my hair is freshly washed and styled various ways Thursday through Sunday.

My hair is quite thick and so using a doughnut to create a bun would never really have been my first thought. A bit of back combing and I have usually managed to achieve the look I want. However, since my Ombre / Dipdye i've been wanting to show the colours at the ends and mid lengths  of my hair, but have struggled to master the bun and also the colour being on view. So i went to Claire's Accessories and bought a dark, big well structured doughnut. I'm really happy i've started using a doughnut but now I can never imagine not using one. 

What do you have your hair like during college or uni days?
Do you make a lot of effort or is it minimal?
Do you use a doughnut to create your bun?
Do you think I should do a video tutorial on this hair style?

Anna x

Friday, 7 September 2012


Leggings: Topshop £12.00
Top: Topshop £14.00
Necklace: Dorothy Perkins £2.00 sale
Fake Ray Bans: Magaluf 5 euros
White iPad Case: eBay £15.90*
Bracelets: Skull & Cross Claires Acessories £4.00 each / Spike Asos £6.00
Note Pad & Pens from Tesco*

This is my typical back to college outfit, simple and comfy. What is your ideal college outfit?
One more year at college and then hopefully uni!
Everyone heading off to uni: enjoy, i'm jealous!

Thought i'd add an 'in this moment' section to this post just to add content and hopefully you will do an in this moment post aswell:)

readingOur Billie by Ian Clayton.
excited aboutMy trip to Portsmouth on the 20th of September!
orderingA new memory stick for college. 
planning- A London break with my boyfriend.
watchingGeordie Shore, i'm 3 hours behind, ARGH.
dreaming about- Uni next year.
bakingBanana & Chocolate Muffins, yummmmmm.
feeling- Tired, need pampering.
wanting- A back massage at the gym, saks, help my back please!
grateful for- My mum, god i love her. 
loving- My ombre hair, dipdye!
collecting- Old photos, that make me happy and allow me to relive moments that will never be the same again.

What is happening in your moments?

Anna x