Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Allegra Black

15 followers, well i'm so excited that everytime I post I have another lovely follower!

Today I have had a very relaxed day as I have tuesdays off from college which is heavenly. I bought another Magnetise Nail varnish in purple in Meadowhall on saturday, it's quick dark actually and I was hoping it would be a bit lighter but still its gorgeous!

I'm getting my room decorated again, I'm thinking white walls and a bold bedding although not sure how i plan to tell my mum i'd like new bedding when she bought me the kingsize Jack Wills traditional colours one not that long ago, it was about £150 for the bedding and £30 per pillow case, so as you can imagine it's not going to go down too well.

These Topshop Allegra Black beauties were £75 and I had to drive to Doncaster to get them. If you want the boots you have to be willing to make the journey for your size, especially when i'm only a size 3. (inconvenient!!)
They are not out of stock and have closed the line for these boots. Devastated. 
The dress is from Ark, I only know of an Ark in Leeds or Hull. 
The leggings are also Topshop, i buy ankle length leggings so that they are shorter and fit me better, they are also cheaper!
The belt is Topshop from last season, i love how this belt can make even a black bin liner have the perfect body fitting shape. 

I'm going to do something completely mad and buy the Kipling Limited Edition Camera bag by Andy from StyleScrapbook. It's on ebay for £100 so i'm going to go wild and just hopefully get it. (pray for me)
You'll understand why i'm willing to pay so much when you see it!!!

I've got some brilliant outfits planned for posts this week so keep coming back.

Anna x

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Impulse Purchase

Hey my now 10 followers, so happy!
Ok so yes there are only 10 but i'm only just getting started and so that number will do me for now.
I'm currently loving the pale ice cream colours in nail varnishes and had a bit of an impulse buy today in Topshop after realising that i'll get student discount on these beautiful colours! I've used the pink one tonight, and it is perfect, exactly what i've been looking for.

I also have been regretting buying an adult pair of Hunters in navy shown above on the left. However they are way too long for me and give me welly rub. and yes I did say WELLY not WILLY. (£80 down the drain). Therefore I have begged my boyfriend to buy me a black childrens pair. They are gorgeous and definitely worth £35, bargin!

I'm trying to curb my fashion spending at the moment (which is not working) as I need to pay for my holiday to Magaluf, Mallorca Rocks with the girls in July, very very very excited. Slightly more than my worrying parents but hey!

Anna x

Monday, 2 January 2012

Red Roses

I am currently loving bold nail colours, Shirts buttoned to the top, Bow ties, Big simple and detailed rings in SILVER.
I was feeling sad that the festive season is almost over and was clinging on to the red nail varnish. I am however very excited for more a more blogging as I now have more time.

Shirt: Topshop

Red Nails: 

Roses Ring: Dorothy Perkins

Flat Rectangle Ring: Topshop

Bow Tie: Ted Baker

Anna x

Makeup Bag Raid

Firstly, HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2011 was a brillant year for me and i'm hoping that 2012 may be even better. I've got a lot more time for blogging now and cannot wait to show you some of the fashion/beauty styles that i'm obsessed with recently!
I’m giving you the chance to have a look in my makeup bag. I hate the cliché of a “perfect makeup bag” however I love that every single girl's is completely different, unique and a little piece of themselves.
Explaining the contents;
I love a foundation that stays put all day. With all other types I have used I seem to leave the house looking fine and return looking like I didn’t put any makeup on at all! So after months of hunting I’ve found that not even MAC, Benefit or Clinque have the one for me. My last attempt to find ‘the one’ landed me with more money left in my purse and a fresher looking face when I got home. I now use this.
The rest are pretty self explanatory.
Soleil Tan De Chanel62 Terre Epice

Benefit 10
Bronzing & Highlighting
Dior Eyeliner
090 Noir Black

Maybeline New York Colossal
100% Black

Clinque Colour Surge Eye Shadow
Dark Palette

Topshop Smokey Eye Palette

All of my brushes are Topshop, I never use the brushes that come with the products as I find they limit your application a lot. I have the Power, Blush and Eyes brushes.